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                                                      Love is Responsibility

     In eternity past, for there is eternity future and there is eternity past, God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were having a conversation.

The Father: We are going to make beings that will be spiritually similar to us. They will have eternal spirits. In addition they will also have a physical body with emotions and several senses that will allow them to recognize and relate to each other.

Holy Spirit: But if we have the angels, why do we want other beings?

The Father: To love them and be loved by them. For them to know and enjoy us. So they become our friends.

Jesus: But Father, for them to love us and have friendship with us, they would have to have free will. As soon as the devil knows that, he's going to go to them and persuade them that they can exist separated from us. They will make decisions contrary to our holy nature, become filled with sin and become unable to have friendship with us.

The Father: You're right, but they will have to be responsible and accountable to us for their sins.

Jesus: But Father. You're asking for pears from an elm tree. How those persons submerged in their sins and with the devil tempting and annoying them, are going to present themselves before us who cannot tolerate the presence of sin?  They'll die by just getting close to us.  

The Father: It's true, my son; they can't. Your participation in this plan is going to take care of that. You are going to become one of them, born of a woman. You will live as one of them, but without sinning. I'm going to give you a group of persons to whom you are going to show how we are, and you are going to teach them to love and respect us. When the time comes you are going to become accountable to us for their sins.

Jesus: Father, when a person becomes accountable he or she has to assume responsibility for his or hers deeds and face the consequences. You are telling me that I'm going to be a substitute for them before thee, assuming responsibility for their sins and bearing the punishment that they righteously deserve?

The Father: Since they deserve to die, you will die. As one of them you are going to die physically in a very painful manner. But, the worst part is that for the first and only time there will be a separation between us.

Jesus: Since death and hell cannot retain me, I will resurrect. We will be in perfect unity again, and at the same time, I will simultaneously guarantee that they will also resurrect.

Holy Spirit: Then everyone will become our friend!

The Father:  Not everyone. All will have the opportunity to become our friends, but some of them are not going to allow Jesus to assume responsibility for their sins. Some are going to insist in rendering account for their sins personally, in which case, they will become separated from us forever.

Holy Spirit: What's my part in this plan?

The Father: You are going to manage the history of mankind so these events occur. You are also going to select and inspire a group of persons to write a book. That book will tell them how much we have loved them, what we have done for them and what we will do for them. That book will basically tell them three things. First, they cannot have a meaningful life separated from us. Second, they are accountable to us for their thoughts and their conduct. Third, we have provided a way in which they can accept our friendship, so we can adopt them and make them part of our family. You are also going to influence the minds and hearts of the people that are going to accept our friendship. You are going to help them in their daily living. You are going to keep them from evil, but if they insist, you are going to allow them to suffer the consequences of not paying attention to you. You will also help them rise after they stumble. You will stay with them until they come to us or we go for them at a time, which I have set. You will show them that we are responsible for them because we are love, and love is responsibility.

February 5, 2011